Stained Glass Material

As a small solo publisher I welcome any feedback and ratings/reviews from this great community. It helps immensely. Thanks!

This powerful PBR substance material makes it quick and easy to transform one or more texture inputs into a stunning stained glass pattern. It comes with a range of parameters and additional texture inputs to control the look of the stained glass such as bevel, texture, opacity and more.

This asset also contains 3 bonus demo window designs shown in the screenshots, sample textures and a simple demo scene.

The included screenshots were taken in engine using the built in render pipeline. All post processing was done using the free post processing asset now found within the Package Manager inside Unity. Colored shadowing was produced using a projector gameobject(Not Included).

For unity versions 2018 and newer you must first download and import the free Substance Plugin to your unity project for this asset to function correctly. Be sure to check the included ReadMe txt file for correct setup and a full overview of the material parameters.