Modular Cartoon Dungeon Props and Tileset Pack

Prototype or create your fantasy game faster with this awesome modular lightweight Top-Down Cartoon Props and Environment Kit. Win time by focusing on what is more important instead of creating all these assets from zero.

You can freely modify it and use in all of your games.

If you want me to include some specific asset feel free to contact me!

160+ Items and counting.


- 160+ Low Poly Top-Down Props and Environment Pieces

- Suitable for mobile games

- Win time creating your game

- Free Handpainted Stone Pack include

- Cartoon Looking


1. Golden Chest

2. Silver Chest

3. Wooden Box

4. Forest Wall

5. Broken Forest Wall

6. Ruins Env. Kit

7. Totem

8. Barrel Kit

9. Stair

10. Stone Pack

11. Cave Env. Kit

12. Forest Kit.

13. Torch

14. Hole

15. Skull Head

16. Vase

17. Vases Kit

18. Dungeon Puzzle Kit

19. Wooden Sign

20. Simple Furniture Kit

21. Dungeon Kit

And much more!