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Creature Zombie Pack

All Сharacter has a humanoid rig, setup to work with Mecanim.

All creatures has PBR textures.
-Albedo -AO -Metallic -Normal (all 4096-4096 size)

Tris: 8672 Verts: 5074

Zombie creature
Tris: 8902 Verts: 5523

Zombie nurse woman
Tris: 8864 Verts: 5016

Creature woman
Tris: 9064 Verts: 5336

Zombie peak hand
Tris: 9582 Verts: 5561

Zombie prisoner
Tris: 7746 Verts: 4475

Creature zombie
Tris: 4636 Verts: 2758

Zombie clown
Tris: 9162 Verts: 5378

Zombie woman
Tris: 9314 Verts: 5864

Normal map format all models – Open Gl.

Each character has Prefab.

Hope you like it!!!