Pirate's Life

Arrr! Ya land lubbers! Do ye have the spine to sail the seas? At quarter rations, time must be availed until the next treasure. Some music might just be enough to boost morale and keep the seething crew from full-on mutiny. Worry not! These gentle tunes are designed to soothe the most vicious of pirates on the high seas.

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"Tall Tales of Treasure"
Perfect for "call to adventure" part(s) of the storyline. This song is the backdrop to the events revealing "why" the player needs to make the story progress.

"Shallow Seas"
In the days before sonar, it was even more important to navigate rocky waters with extra care. This slower song is meant to represent that caution.

"Ocean Blue"
The sun is shining and the crew is getting ready for full speed ahead. The waters are manageable and there is a strong healthy wind facilitating the progress of an epic adventure.

"Lonely Sea"
The days for a sailor grow weary as the thirst for adventure is deterred by the yearning for home and the thought of mates lost in uncharted waters.

"Avast Ye"
Tensions run tight as the crew is arguing star charts while drinking. They end up brawling with each other, ultimately passing out in their own filth. They are the embodiment of a Pirate's Life!

Note: The FILES in THIS asset are extra high quality, uncompressed 24-bit wav files at 44.1 khz. The songs in this package are also included in the Super Music Bundle.