Elven Dance Jams I

What would happen if you took your favorite RPG / Fantasy character tropes and put them in a disco? What music would be played? Enter Elven Dance Jams,

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The Fryin' Pan Party
After mysteriously drawing the listener into the elven domain, amidst the preparation of a big celebration, traditional elven delicacies are being prepared as the sun sets over the mountain.

Elven Speed Metal
The elven disco is in full swing as the shadows from the fire sync with the leaves in the forest backdrop.

"Elven Dance Party" The title track of this collection can be used as traditional initiation of elven festivities.

"Forest of Uncertainty"
Stricken with infertility that bears greater burden as generations pass, the elves place the upmost importance on ensuring the existence of future elven generations.

Note: The FILES in THIS asset are extra high quality, uncompressed 24-bit wav files at 44.1 khz. The songs in this package are also included in the Super Music Bundle.