Realistic Skeleton and Bone Collection

Fully rigged pose-able human skeleton and full human bone collection! Included is ; Full human skeleton 6 and 3 Level LOD systems, 2 PBR materials using 2 seperate seamless textures; White 512x512, and Old 256x256 including Albedo, AO, and Normal maps. All individual prefab bones with 6 Level LOD system (both material variants), 3 prefab poses (both material variants), 3 prefab props including a bone pile, skull pile, and scattered bones (both material variants).

Some assets contain intense LOD systems, for which you will need to specify under parent objects, which meshes you want to appear on each LOD. There is a default prefab, using all meshes. You can remove an entire LOD section, by removing it from the LOD Group component, and deactivating or deleting the parent object in the hierarchy.

Use the rigged skeletons to create new posed corpses or character animations - Enjoy =)

**NOTE** This asset was free for a long period of time. My current project is in need of funding, so I've had to find ways, I am sorry but thank you to everyone who left reviews and are using the asset! <3