Blood Decals and FX (BuiltIn+URP+HDRP)

Check documentation for render pipeline packages and version links.
Forward+ rendering supported in 2022.3.1f1 URP (see documentation for gdrive link for access after purchase or get in touch).

Default setup is Standard or Built-In render pipeline so for URP and HDRP please check the documentation link after downloading.
A large set of blood decals and effects such as spurts, splats, pools, drips and decals. Scripted for drying effect and full control of look and feel.

Add your own textures, masks and normal maps for even more usability!

Decals are separated into small meshes which you place just in front of a flat surface.

Please note this decal system is not designed for use with the Decal Projector system found in URP and HDRP at least not without some understanding of how to edit textures and perhaps tweak the scale and UVs in some cases where it might work, this is due to how the textures are sharing a single texture atlas and have been cut up at the mesh level for this package.