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INTERACTIVE! is a series of packages that are themed scenes powered by Pathiral's Advanced Interaction System (A.I.S). Making everything inside the scene interactive for your puzzle, escape room game or basically anything that needs lots of interactions. The scenes are well organized in terms of asset management and also come with their baked lighting, occlusion culling, post processing (v2) and a simple first person controller. All INTERACTIVE! packages come with the Advanced Interaction System inside with all it's demos and resources.

Office is a dark, eerie and atmospheric scene of an interactive organized office with a hidden panic room. Great for horror games and anything else that needs lots of opening of drawers, units, doors or just search and find games.

This package includes:
- simple first person controller
- all interaction audios
- Full Advanced Interaction System package with all demos and resources
- All models in organized folders and prefabs
- Post processing (v2) effect

This scene can be edited however you like in terms of lighting, layout, decorations, whatever you need, just go for it.

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