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Zombie creature with cudgel

Сharacter has a humanoid rig, setup to work with Mecanim.

Сharacter contains 31 animations.
Idle, Death 1, Death 2, Death 3, Death 4, Attack 1, Attack 2, Attack 3, Attack 4, Attack 5, Attack 6, Hit left, Hit right, Jump, Jump attack, Kick, Run, Run 1, Turn left, Turn left 1, Turn right, Turn right 1, Turn right left, Walk back, Walk back 1, Walk forward, Walk forward 1, Walk left, Walk left 1, Walk right, Walk right 1.

Render of characters created in Unity.

PBR textures.

Zombie creature.
-Normal map
(all 4096-4096 size)

Tris: 8902
Verts: 5523

-Normal map
(all 2048-2048 size)

Tris: 1362
Verts: 1216

Normal map format – Open Gl.

Prefab – 1.

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