Human Shader Pack Built-In RP / URP / HDRP

Please note, if shaders show pink it may be because of the default scene being set up for HDRP, please locate the URP/SRP packages via the link in the documentation or get in touch for the version you require via email (provide renderpipeline and unity version):

A set of shaders for Hair, Skin and Eyes that are HDRP ready. Includes SRP and URP versions - packaged in SRP and URP folder, double click to unpack.

Daz and CC3 Characters can be supported but may need additional support in setting things up, please get in touch. This service will be charged depending on the work involved.

HDRP Hair Shader - A set of hair shaders that give more control over colour and shine than the standard HDRP hair shaders, add custom frizz, RGB Masking for root, tip and base colour adjustments.

Simple SSS Skin Shader - Ideal for sub surface scattering control for skin, thin objects such as leaves, paper, gel, translucent rubber and more. Now supports MakeUp and Effects Masking.

Eye Shader - Make many kinds of eye designs, increase or customise the pupil size, add your own iris designs with ease and colour/animate them all in one shader. Eye Shader

Comes with Male and Female Head, 2 Example Hair wigs, several materials and shaders for each. Eye shaders and several eye materials. Highly advanced shaders with great control, get in touch if you require additional features.

FAQ/Issues that may happen and fixes: Green Skin and Eyes: Locate the Diffusion profile slot in the material, and click FIX. Eye Caustic Rotation changing : All shaders require and Directional light, they utilise its direction so add a directional light, disable cast shadows and set the intensity low if you are having indoor scenes. Notice when you rotate the directional light how it affects the shaders.

My email: Tested with Unity 2019.3.0f5 and HDRP 7.1.8, Windows 10, DirectX11.