The Ancient Set - Dungeons

Welcome to the second pack of my Ancient Series.
This package features all things "dungeons" with some great elements to build large underground scenes, and with some support for unique cave-like areas as well!

The first pack in the series can be found here:
The Ancient Set Temples

From the over-world, and now into the underworld, TAS - Dungeons gives you a very large supply for building many types of dungeon scenes. Not only that, but these two packs work great together, and many pieces can be mixed and matched well enough to use together. Plenty of these pieces can look great mixed with the Temples, and plenty of Temple pieces can mix well with the dungeons!

-----So here's what included in the pack for this first release:-----

--- 467 modular prefabs ---
- tons of modular walls, pillars, stairs, and floors to create tons of builds.
- pre-built module rooms and module props for quick and easy placement in your scenes, or to help learn the pieces in the pack easier.

---Dozens of Props and scenery prefabs to dress up your scenes like:---
- books, and bookshelves
- candles, chandeliers, candelabras
- treasure chests
- bones, skulls, and bone piles
- carpets and banners
- bottles and potions
- chains, hangings and wall mounts
- sarcophagus-like stone altars
- gold coins, piles, and gems

If you are still un-decided, then try out my demo scene for this pack! This demo was created just before i added the little cave in the the back room (as seen in the video), but its ok, because you are not missing much. You still get a great preview, to show off quite a bit of whats included in the pack!
~Dungeon Preview Demo~