Advanced Interaction System

A.I.S. is an easy way designed for you to handle game object/models interactions that consist of an ON/OFF concept. You can get creative with the system as much as you want interacting with doors, drawers, units, windows, chests, cabinets, double doors, buttons, flip switches even pizza boxes if you want.

A.I.S. comes with an advanced lerping engine custom-made for this system to handle smooth and performant movement for your objects and even detect how to handle child objects positioning and rotation. No more manually setting animations to your different objects. Simplicity and automation are key here.

A special feature called Connected Scripts. Where you can attach other A.I.S. scripts to trigger during the main object trigger, while making the other attached scripts go in different directions. This can be used for example on double doors or cabinets.

You can even set your object to be "locked" and integrate with your inventory system to "unlock" and only make the object intractable when you have the appropriate item.

The script allows you to set open and close speeds, interaction rotation, rotation speed, audios and even more. It’s a breeze to interact with virtually anything now. In any angle, movement, position or rotation.

A.I.S. supports audio sources. You can set an audio source to play on item open, close or if interaction was made when it's locked.

This package includes:
1- 6 demos found in the video
2- Fully-commented source code files
3- Setup guide

Best of wishes to you and your game