cyberpunk - High City

Modular 'High City' package contains

modular walls, roads, sidewalks, cars pack, props etc.

for creating high detailed city:

● sci-fi high city - variant 1;

● classic city for wheeled cars - variant 2 (opportunity to make).

Girl from video - separate package here

This pack includes:

● modular walls, windows, doors, roofs, ladders, etc.;

● background traffic system (C# based) (see video preview) - count of lines, traffic width, count of cars, speed of cars etc.;

● fly cars pack (simple cars + purpose cars);

● props;

● operating scripts;

● low-poly;

● with LOD's;

● textures: 4K;

● etc.

hdrp patch included: Unity 2021.1.28+ is required.