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Click to Spawn

Populating your scene with primitives or prefabs using Click to Spawn.

The Click to Spawn asset is an Editor Extension for Unity. It contains the following functions:

⚡ Click to Spawn Game Object Primitives
⚡ Click to Spawn Prefabs such as 3D Models
⚡ Configure Size of Spawned Object
⚡ Configure Mouse Button Used
⚡ Set x, y, z Offset from Terrain or Object
⚡ Log Vector3 Co-ordinates
⚡ Source Code Included

This component is an Editor tool and not for in-game use. It can be used in Editor Mode within the Scene Window or when the Editor is in Play Mode. In Play mode, objects are not retained in your scene. In Editor Mode only, Objects are retained and can be used within your game.

Click to Spawn can be used for populating your scene with primitives or prefabs such as trees, rocks, or vegetation, and can also be used for populating Characters throughout your world. It is also useful for gathering world co-ordinates of potential objects with the scene by placing primitives in world space while in play mode and saving the Vectors that are displayed in the log

Documentation and Tutorials can be found at docs.piveclabs.com.