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Complete 2D Platformer Kit

Complete 2D Platformer Kit by PaulArt

Would you like to create your own 2d platformer game within an hour?
Then you should definitely try Complete 2D Platformer Kit!

This asset is a fully customizable 2D platformer kit. You can build any 2D game with it. It includes ready to use player character with various animations and control logic. Different platforms, objects, enemies and sounds. Just drag and drop prefabs to your scene and it will work with minimal effort.

This package contains:
- Ready to use player with 6 animations and all movement and interactions logic
- 15 various enemies with animations and movement logic
- 108 different platforms divided into 6 categories
- Different level objects like boxes, coins, flags and etc
- Fully customizable parallax background
- Full pack of required sounds including background music
- Includes physics and all kind of interactions between player and objects
- Categorized scripts with easy to understand and well commented code
- This pack uses CC0 graphics and sounds so you shouldn't worry to be able to use it for any purposes
- Does not require third-party dependencies for work

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