Far East Asia Instruments - Volume 1

Includes 18 unique songs at high quality 24-bit audio at 44.1khz. All tracks are loopable.

- A Koto Epic - (1:25)
- Chillin Cello (3:58)
- Far East West Hybrid (2:15)
- FE Floral Choral (1:47)
- FE Morning Rain (1:25)
- Koto Trap (5:40)

1.1.0 UPDATE - Daimyo Party (1:40)

1.2.0 UPDATE
"Blossom of Endurance"
"Desert FE Trip Hop"
"Japanese Funk"

2.0.0 UPDATE
"Bassoon Food Classical 20"
"FE Atmospheric Colossuss"
"FE Brass Koto Guzheng Harmony 01"
"Interjections of Collapse"
"Midnight Sun"
"Preas Rock FE"
"Short Erhu Acoustic Loop"
"Skip in the Park Erhu Rock"

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