Dark Cyberpunk Ambience Volume 2

The glowing lights are in the distance and the smell of rocket fuel fills the night air in the city where the sun never rises. Welcome to Dark Cyberpunk Scifi Volume 2, an atmospheric ambient audio pack for futuristic games in a dystopian future.

High quality 24-bit audio files in wav format 44.1 khz.

- Frantic Time Piece Flutes (2:53)
- Spooky Rudy (2:12)
- Truffle Rubble (2:40)
- Galactic Cathedral (2:30)
- Orbital Glacier (3:29)
- Sci Ambient Sea Floor Cherry (7:12)
- Aci Ambient Rivers of Calderra (7:23)

- Ambient Data Chips (3:49)
- Ambient Distance Gradient (2:32)
- Ambient Ecliptic Misfit (2:33)
- Shallow Shadows

All songs in this package are part of the Super Music Bundle. Due to size limits and containing over 400 songs, the Super Music Bundle is provided in optimized .ogg format.

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