PBR Sci-Fi Plasma Pistol (+URP support)

Added URP support for 2019.3 and upwards

Futuristic Sci-Fi weapon with full PBR texture set, a PBR animated force field shader and particle effects for the shield.

This asset is very detailed and works well as a prestige showcase weapon seen at close quarters like in a First-Person shooter but it's also still readable from a further distance.

Comes with a separate battery for ammo that uses TextMesh Pro to display it's charge percentage and thus can be changed on runtime if needed.


The weapon comes with 8.843 tris and is thus intended rather for desktop than mobile but it can still be auto-optimized without losing much quality if needed.

The ammo battery has 1168 tris.


Texture resolutions are as following and optimized based on texels needed without losing quality:

2k: Pistol Albedo, Pistol Normal, Glass Roughness, Glass Normal, 2x FX Normal

1k: Shield Roughness, Shield Metallic, Pistol AO, Lightning FX texture, EnergyShield Albedo, EnergyShield Opacity Map, EnergyShield Emission, Battery Albedo

512: Battery AO, Battery Emission, Battery Metallic, Battery Normal, EnergyShield Normal, Pistol Emission

256: Various FX textures, EnergyShield Roughness, EnergyShield Metallic


In case you want to see the weapon in action please check out the video as well as the Sketchfab model (though the shading is a bit different there).