The Ancient Set - Temples

Welcome to the first part of my newest series:
"The Ancient Set"
This pack is just the start, and the "base" pack to the others that will be coming in the series.

Now with update v1.25 added:
- 104 "Dungeon Preview" prefabs (These are pieces that did not make it into the final cut of my next pack in the series, the TAS - Dungeons. Since these did not make it in, i didnt want to waste them, so i included them here. Some pieces are similarly made, and others are totally new compared to that of the dungeon kit!)
- 82 new Temple supply pieces.

(First Release v1.0) Featuring:
--- 428 Modular prefabs (First Release) ---
- 4K + 2K PBR Textures
- Modular Pieces and pre-built Modules
- Interior and Exterior builds compatible
- Medium - average for poly counts, with LODs included as needed
- Multiple Texture Variants available for some of the main pieces. (located in the secondary textures folder.)

This package was not created with any particular historic point in mind, but instead a fine mix of fantasy - historic, for certain reference of structures and texturing.

The main builds for structures in this pack are combinations of the rounded pillars, stone walls and detail meshes and arches, and unique roof shapes. With these pieces combined, with their many possible combinations, you can really bring together a nice looking temple or stone environment scene.
Included with a fair amount of nature prefabs and ground textures to dress your landscapes!

Perhaps you do not wish to keep this "stone" look for your scene, and instead wish to have more lighter elegant looks? Easy enough:

With the multiple secondary textures available, just change the main materials' albedo to the secondary corresponding albedo.
- Painted Statues become worn marble
- Stone walls and arches lighten up
- Round pillars become worn lighter marble and less stone looking.
- Even the roof material itself can be tweaked. (its base color is a light grey, you can easily change to any color for the roofs with the color slider, without losing too much detail in the texture itself!)

- All rocks in the pack are using a top cover shader for the grass effect. easy enough just change the main material back to the Unity Standard material, and it will revert back to a regular rock with no grass, if you choose that you do not want that look. or better yet, duplicate the material to have a variety!
All screenshots and the video were made using Unity's Post-processing stack, which is easily accessible through Unity's Package Manager!

New to my work, have any questions, or want to try some demos before you buy? Come to my discord, which i am most active on, to reach out. (link located on my publisher page)