AAA Game Character English Warrior

Enlist a medieval solider to your ranks in your next audio production with AAA Game Character English Warrior, a clean collection of English accented and styled voice-over sound files styled for fantasy games, MMORPG games, and movie trailers! This voice-over sound library features a male protagonist ready for battle and game ready.

AAA Game Character English Warrior voiceover sound library provides you with more than 330+ immersive, game-ready voiceover sound files, vocalizations, battle cries, custom dialogue lines, and everything needed to create compelling cinematic scenes and outstanding gameplay audio experiences. The English Warrior's voice texture is dry, crispy, clean and rich with texture. He is perfect for a hero, foot solider, townspeople, NPC, or alliance character in your next game. His voice is ready to go out of the box but is clean enough for further processing. Adding reverb and pitch shifting down/deeper will get you to new depths and dimensions with this excellent library of voices & vocalizations.

AAA Game Character English Warrior voiceover sound effects is not only packed with high-quality voice recordings but includes thought out, cohesive scripted dialogue and vocalizations to help you build dynamic fantasy stories, game trailers, in-game characters, dramatic moments and so much more. Check out the demos! Unleash the warrior into your ranks and allow his valor and strength to lead armies for the king or queen in your game.

Product details:

336 fantasy character voice-over audio files
233.8 MB of voice samples
All in 24bit/96k .wav file format
AAA Game Character Voice-Over Sound Effects Library
Perfect for fantasy games, film & movie trailers
14 battle cries & phrases like to arms, for the king!
9 breathing files - death breath, panting, tired, soft, & more
9 coughing recordings - aggressive, choke, quick, smokers, throaty
11 sad crying sounds - sad, baby, hurt, pain, wounded, long & more
150 immersive character-specific dialogue lines - cower before me, bow to the might of my master
9 fight vocals - growl, charge, swing, jab, wounded, thrust
8 jumping vocalizations - hard, landing, hup, long, rolling & more
8 laughing sounds - evil, crazy, funny, stock, light, long, explosive
9 pain vocals - dying, pain, punched, stabbing, long
109 stock dialogue lines - like hello, farewell, copy that, can you help me
All Royalty Free
RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box)