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Modular Motor Bike SALE

Originally $40.00
Discounted for the first MONTH!!

DevDen Presents – Modular Motor Bike A Pack contains of low poly Customizable 3D model of a motorbike with over 175+ parts. All parts are categorized into groups groups such as Engine, Front wheel, Rear Wheel, etc… for better understanding. The model has Highly detailed 4k PBR textures proves to be a value adding asset to your scene.The Asset is VR-Ready and optimized to be game ready.

This asset can be used to create Bike Assembly Simulation in Virtual Reality/ PC, Games, 3D explanatory videos and much more.

This Game ready and VR ready model is tested using devices HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and in Unity game engine

Bonus Model:

- Bike Lift (Animated)
Includes a detailed demo scene

Coming Soon:
- Different Texture Options and Decals

Model Details:

Engine Group
- Air_Filter, Air_Filter_Box, Air_Filter_Box_Cover, Air_Filter_Box_Cover_Screw_1 to Air_Filter_Box_Cover_Screw_4, Air_FIlter_Cylinder_Head_Intake_pipe, Camshaft_1, Camshaft_2, Chain_Box, Clutch_Hub_Base, Clutch_Hub_Bearing_Mid, Clutch_Hub_Gears, Clutch_Hub_Gears_Holder, Crankcase, Crankcase_Cover_Left, Crankcase_Cover_Left_Screw_1 to Crankcase_Cover_Left_Screw_15, Crankcase_Cover_Right_1, Crankcase_Cover_Right_2, Crankcase_Cover_Right_Screw_1 to Crankcase_Cover_Right_Screw_18, Crankcase_Cylinder_Head_Connector_1 to Crankcase_Cylinder_Head_Connector_4, Crankshaft_Gear, Crankshaft_Rod, Cylinder_Head, Cylinder_Head_Top, Exhaust_Pipe, Exhaust_Pipe_Connector_1, Muffler, Piston_1 to Piston_3, Transmission_1, Transmission_2

Handle Group
- Crown_Handle, Front_Brake_Calipers_Left and Right, Front_Fender, Front_Fender_Fork_Screw_Left_Botttom and Top, Front_Fender_Fork_Screw_Right_Bottom and Top, Front_Fork_Left and Right, Handle, Handle_Holder_Bolt_Left_1 and 2, Handle_Holder_Bolt_Right_1 and 2, Handle_Holder_Left, Handle_Holder_Nut_Left_1 and 2, Handle_Holder_Nut_Right_1 and 2, Handle_Holder_Right, Handle_Lever_Nut_Left and Right, Handle_Lever_Screw_Left and Right, Headlight_Cover_Screw_1 and 2, Headlight_Cover_Screw_1, Headlight_Holder_Screw_Left, Middle and Right, Headlight_with_Indicators, Speedometer, Under_Bracket_Middle_Rod

Front Tyre Group
- Front_Axle, Front_Axle_Collar_Left and Right, Front_Axle_Right_Nut, Front_Brake_Disk_Left, Front_Brake_Disk_Right, Front_Small_Disk_Right, Front_Tyre, Front_Tyre_Rim, Front_Wheel_Screws_Right_1 to Front_Wheel_Screws_Right_10, Front_Wheel_Small_Screws_Right_1 to Front_Wheel_Small_Screws_Right_4

Rear Tyre Group
- Chain, Rear_Axel, Rear_Axle_Nut, Rear_Brake_Disk, Rear_Tyre, Rear_Tyre_Rim, Rear_Wheel_Screws_Left_1 to Rear_Wheel_Screws_Left_5, Rear_Wheel_Screws_Right_1 to Rear_Wheel_Screws_Right_5, Sprocket

Main Frame Group
- Frame, Frame_Connector_Left_1 and Left_2, Frame_Connector_Right_1 and Right_2, Gas_tank_Cover, Gas_Tank_Side_Fairing_Left and Right, Radiator_Cap, Radiator_Fan, Radiator_Filter_Front, Radiator_Frame_Mount_Inside_Right, Radiator_Frame_Mount_Inside_Right1, Radiator_Frame_Mount_Left, Radiator_Frame_Mount_Left_Screw_Front, Radiator_Frame_Mount_Left_Screw_Side, Radiator_Frame_Mount_Right, Radiator_Frame_Mount_Right_Screw_Front, Radiator_Frame_Mount_Right_Screw_Side, Radiator_Mount, Radiator_Side_Cover_Left_Screw_Bottom and Top, Radiator_Side_Cover_Right_Screw_Bottom and Top, Radiator_Tube_1 and Tube_2, Rear_Arm_Frame_Connector, Rear_Arm_Frame_Connector_Screw_Left and Right, Rear_Fender, Rear_Fender_Screw_Left, Middle and Right, Rear_Frame, Seat,

Technical Details:
Mesh Details:
Total Triangles Count: 410085
Total Vertex Count: 512764
Number of Sub meshes – Bike 178, Lift 7, Stand 3

Texture Details:
Texture Size – 4096x4096
Number of Materials- 17
Number of Textures- 59
(Albedo, Metallic, Normal)

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