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This asset includes a bunch of small features that Unity should include by default to help the users and improve the workflow.

The main features included are:
- Integrated and easy-to-use pool system.
- The ability to Debug lists.
- Simple animations' system to animate any component trough code or the inspector.
- Easier to use random class.
- Extensions of multiple classes to add some commonly-needed functionality.
- Disabling of the completely useless warning CS0649.
- Additional shortcuts.
- Etc.

To find more detailed information you can access this file: docs.google.com/document/d/1-strmOzT7ka8uO8hEH_W3Xjlr-ajjKcJ0b6h5KYnpJQ/edit?usp=sharing

No setup is necessary to use this asset. It is meant to work after a simple import.