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Valkyrie Character + Hair/Skin/Metal Shader

3D Totally rigged, with colliders, texturized and with clean topology valkyrie character plus hair,skin and metal shader graphs with editable properties and textures
Note: The hair and background of the front page are for ilustration, not included. Also to use the shaders, it's needed to use a HDRP project with version 2019.3.0f3 version or higher
Valkyrie Character contains: 45.950k tris, clean topology, Totally rigged humanoid, 8 Different materials with 4k textures to 1024(Hair, Skin, Eyebrows, Mouth, Clothes, Spear, Feathers, Eye). Shaders:Hair Shader with Color, Alpha, Normal, Roughness Textures and properties support. Skin Shader with Subsurface Scattering(Use a Diffuse Profile for SS). Metal Shader with Color, Normal, Roughness, Metal and Emission Textures and Properties