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Scene Teleportation Kit

The whole purpose of this asset is to make the teleportation easy. Whether you want to teleport objects within the same scene or to a new scene, this asset should help you get started in no time.

Package content:

Modular 3D platform
The modular 3D platform is sculpted in ZBrush and textured in Substance Painter. There are plenty of modular blocks and you can design your own platform in any way you wish. The project contains some prefabs to get you started.

Make human character (for demo purpose)
The character that is used for demo purpose is created with MakeHuman free software. Animations are hooked up from the standard unity assets.

Teleport visual effects
There is a VFX that you can use for portal/spawn points. You can change the color of the effect to any one you like by simply picking the color in the inspector.

There are a couple of simple script files that you can modify in any way you like. Scripts are used for teleportation within the scene as well between the scenes. Keep in mind that the teleported object is retained between the scenes, that is, the object is not destroyed when teleporting to new scene but rather moved to a new scene. Note also that demo scenes do not contain camera object, as camera is attached to the player object which will be moved between the scenes. This can be subject to change in future versions.

Detailed info:

Portal platform info
- Verts: 1357
- Faces: 2355
- Tris: 2363
- Resolution: 2048x2048
- Maps: Albedo, Normal, Metalic/Smoothness, Emission
- Player: PlayerCamera, PlayerController, PlayerManager, PlayerMovement
- Teleport: PortTrigger, SpawnPoint, Teleportable, Teleporter

- Count: 37

Future plans
- More teleportation options, such as delayed teleportation etc.
- Optional fade-out fade-in effects between transitions
- Player/Teleportable object disolve shader
- And much more...

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