IFly2 - Aircraft and Helicopter AI Kit

IFly2 is air combat simulation with fighter AI and weapon system!

You create very easy A.I of Aircraft or Helicopter with one script!!

This Asset have EASY Editor to create in few secend a SMART Aircraft!

Easy and fast for a PC or Mobile games!

PC Demo - IFLY1

PC Demo - IFLY2

The aircrafts can attack targets with Guns , Missiles and bombs! very quick.

And easy creator for the waypoint way to the aircraft.

The helicopter have obstacle avoidance system with sensors.

Asset uses :

3D models (3D folder) under Royalty free license ; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.


Work with Mobile and Unity 2020.XX-2021.XX

The first video is a Tutorial and have PDF tutorial on the asset.

Email me for any questions!