Procedural Sky - Builtin & LWRP & URP - Jupiter

Looking for a highly customizable sky with day night cycle support? Jupiter is the right tool for you!

Jupiter is a lightweight, single-pass shader to help you instantly create dynamic skyboxes, deeply focused on low-poly and stylized scenes, that can run well on both Desktop, Mobile and VR applications, save you a lot of time and effort!

Jupiter fully supports for Lightweight, Universal and Built-in Render Pipeline, with various settings for you to customize. Those features can be easily turn on and off with simple toggles.


• Optimal performance.

• Highly customizable.

• Professional customer service.


Super easy to learn: Getting started in no time, with all-in-one-place editor, in-depth document.

Asset based workflow: Sky settings are stored as asset so you can save time by reuse it in multiple scenes across the game.

Gradient atmosphere: Break free from physical constraints by using 3 colors gradient and unlock the artistic control over sky appearance.

Animated stars: Night sky is getting more vivid with those little twinkle stars. Add up to 3 layers of procedural stars for highest fidelity, or bake them into a cubemap for maximize performance without losing much on quality.

Celestial bodies: Shining bright upon the sky. Simulate up to 2 celestial bodies, Sun and Moon, at the same time. Controlled by directional lights in the scene, they can be drawn procedurally or baked into cubemaps.

Animated horizon cloud: Simulate cloud that covers the horizon line.

Animated overhead cloud: Static cloud is boring. Achieve a more natural scenery with cloud that flow above your head.

Animated detail overlay: Adding your own detail at the position of your choice. After the background, after the stars, after the sun, after the cloud, you name it!.

Day night cycle: Time matters! Make your sky react to time of day by overriding just the properties you need. Fast and efficient.

Cubemap creator: Just want a static sky but don't know how to draw? You're backed! Jupiter can create a beautiful sky and render it to a cubemap for you.

VR ready: Everything work as high performance in VR. Tested on Oculus Rift S.


• Standard RP.

• Lightweight RP (2019.1+)

• Universal RP (2019.3+).


• Unity 2019.1+


Not only about the sky, it's everything you need to create a gorgeous Low Poly level.

Polaris V2 - Low Poly Terrain Engine.

Poseidon - Low Poly Water System.

• Jupiter - Procedural Sky.




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Some assets in the screenshots such as terrain and foliage are NOT included in this package.


Texture Graph - Node based texture creator.