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Power-Ups & Pick-Ups (PNG + AI Version)


FREE UPDATE: We've added 252 new textures in version 1.4 and a new Outline style to thank all of you for buying it!

This collection of power-up & pick-up textures is your shortcut to awesome games.

It contains a total of 915 textures in .PNG and .AI format. There are 180 unique icons in 5 styles: Outline, Bubble, Glow, Orb and Plain. In addition there are 15 coloured bubbles, glow and orb background textures if you want to combine the textures in new ways.

The textures are suitable for many different game genres, e.g. platformers, RPGs, action and puzzle games.

If you have Adobe Illustrator CS5 or newer you can change the sizes, shapes, gradients, outlines and colours of the vector elements without quality loss.

The textures are also provided as high-resolution PNG files. The texture height (or width in some cases) is at least 1024 pixels. All you need to do is to batch resize the textures to a size which is right for your game, and you're good to go.

If you don't need to edit the textures, please check out the cheaper PNG only version of this collection.

If you have questions or ideas for new Pick-Up and Power-Up textures, we'd love to hear from you. Simply contact us on playlectric.com or visit the Unity forum thread for this product. Make sure you also turn on 'Watch Thread', so that we can let you know when updates are available.

Power-up, pick-up, molotiv cocktail, landmine, flashbang, coin, goldbar, syringe, healthpack, kitchen knife, bomb, hand grenade, bells, katana, walkietalkie, identity card, pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, assault rifle, speedbooster, points, bonus, ammunition, pickaxe, clock, timer, torch, nuclear bomb, battery, electricity, magnet, potion, key, lock, fruit, gemstone, diamond, money, shield.