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2D Cartoon Environments

This package contains over 350 handcrafted vector tillable sprites. They are organized into 18 tilepalettes:
bigBuildingsBck (10 big buildings)
bigVehicles (6 work vehicles)
buildingsBck (8 different house groups)
cars (10 vehicles in diferent colours)
cliffs (17 combinable big rocks)
ground & groundHQ (36 textures)
houses (23 houses)
natureScapes (13 combinable scapes)
objCity (various props; containers, dumpsters, road signs)
plants & plantsThorns (over 50 plants)
platforms (9 differents 2d grounds)
poles (5 light poles, 5 signals, electric poles)
scenBck (8 large buildings, soccer & basket courts)
sportsPark (bench, rides, soccer goals, baskets, grandstands)
stonesGrass (19 stones, 6 grass)
trees (29 trees)
treesBck (23 LQ trees for bckG)
wallFences (10 buildable walls)

The pack also contains 21 platform branches, 28 grass platforms, 30 stone platforms,
9 combinable backgrounds, 12 clouds, 3 lights. the moon and one star.

This asset included 5 demo Scenes (city, beach, river, road skyline, city night) and some prefabs as examples.

NOTE: The character of the videos is not included.