Sprite Shaders Ultimate OFFICIAL SALE


A massive collection of 65 customizable and combinable sprite shaders.

Take your game to the next level with high quality visual effects.

This asset also includes Interactive Wind 2D asset.


- Added 14 new shaders to the asset.

- Added the Sharpen shader effect.

- Added the Shadow shader effect.

- Added the Recolor RGB shader effect.

- Added the Enchanted shader effect.

- Added the Shifting shader effect.

- Added the Wiggle shader effect.

- Added the Sine Scale shader effect.

- Added the Smooth Pixel Art shader effect.

- Added the World Tiling shader effect.

- Added the Screen Tiling shader effect.

- Added the Pixel Outline shader effect.

- Added the Ping-Pong Glow shader effect.

- Added the Negative shader effect.

- Added the Gaussian Blur shader effect (has to be baked for a strong blur).

- Improved the performance of some shaders.

- Outline shaders now have an outline only option.

- Some shaders now have a mask texture option.

- Added pixel snapping of shader effects for pixel art.

- Added gpu performance information to shaders.

- All shaders now support sprite sheets.

- Added scripting utility button, which generates code samples.

- Added new shader options for various use-cases.

- Improved material baking feature.

- Improved custom shader inspector.

- Added Opaque Cutout shaders for 3D Lit URP and Built-In.

- Many other small features and improvements.

Main Features

- 65 Combinable Shaders

- High Visual Quality

- Fully Customizable

- Good Performance

- Quick and Easy to Use

- Shaders can be Faded

- Shaders can be Masked

- Custom Shader Inspector

- Utility Scripts

- Shader Baking Tool

- Includes Interactive Wind 2D

Render Pipelines

- Unlit, GUI, 2D Lit and 3D Lit for the Universal Render Pipeline.

- Unlit and GUI for the High Definition Render Pipeline.

- Unlit, GUI and 3D Lit for the Built-In Render Pipeline.

♻️ Fast Support ♻️

Contact for questions and support.

You will usually get a response within 24 hours.

Sprite Sheet Support

Some shader effects used to have issues with sprite sheets, due to UV mapping.

Version 6 adds a new feature, which fixes this issue!

Pixel Art Support

Version 6 adds a new feature, which snaps shader effects to the sprite's pixels.

This prevents smooth shader effects from diminishing the crisp pixel art style.

Another option is the Smooth Pixel Art effect, which allows Bilinear filter mode on pixel art.

Usually you have to use the Point filter mode, which can cause artifacts when the camera zooms or the sprite moves without the position being snapped or a pixel perfect camera.

Important: Enabling both of the pixel-art options mentioned above on the same material causes visual artifacts, due to the effect-snapping being disrupted by the bilinear filter.

Customizable Shader Time

Sprite Shaders Ultimate offers various time related material settings for animated effects.

Unscaled Time: Useful for GUI when the game is paused or slowed.

Time Speed: Changes the speed of all animations of the material.

Time FPS: Limits the animation to specific frames per second.

Custom Time: Allows you to input a custom time value.

Time Frequency: Makes time go back and forth using a sine function.

Customizable Shader Space

This allows you to change the space, in which effects are positioned.

These options are per material and include UV, World, Screen and Object Space.

For example, you could use the Source Glow Dissolve effect with World Space to reveal a secret area. This would fade out multiple overlapping sprites seamlessly.

Fade and Mask

Every shader can be faded individually and some can be masked individually.

On top of this, there are global fading options for all the shaders of a material.

Full: Fades all the shaders of the material.

Mask: Masks all the shaders of the material with a mask texture.

Dissolve: Fades all the shaders of the material using a dissolve pattern.

Spread: Fades all the shaders of the material spreading from a position.

Shader Baking Tool

With the click of a button in the material, you can bake the sprite's texture, with the material applied to it, into a new PNG file. This feature can be neat for lower-end mobile games, where GPU performance is important.

Scripting Utility

There is a [C#] button next to each property in the custom inspector.

Press the button to generate a small code sample for modifying the specific property.

This feature is nice for beginners and useful for anyone who wants to quickly look up the internal variable name.

10 Uber Shaders

- Standard

- Additive

- Multiply


- GUI Additive

- 2D Lit URP

- 3D Lit URP

- 3D Lit Cutout URP

- 3D Lit Built-In

- 3D Lit Cutout Built-In

Each contain the same 65 effects and you can easily switch between them.

Only enabled effects and features use gpu performance.

Contact Information

Email ➞ ekincantascontact@gmail.com

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- Unity 2022.3 (or higher) (for latest version)

- Unity 2020.3 (or higher) (for version 6.4)