Sprite Shaders Ultimate


A massive collection of customizable and combinable sprite shaders.

Includes my Interactive Wind 2D asset for free.

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- 50 Stackable Shaders

- Easy to Use

- Great Performance

- Highly Customizable

- Shaders can be faded in various ways

- Shaders can be masked

- Clean Shader Inspector

- Interactive Shaders and Scripts

- Material Management Tools

- Texture Export Tool

- Compatible with Amplify Shader Editor

- Includes my Interactive Wind asset


Sprites | Particles | UI Images | UI Texts | URP 2D Lit Sprites | URP 3D Lit Sprites

3D Lit Sprites | Tilemaps | Sprite Shapes | Unity 2D Animation | Spine Animation

Render Pipelines

- Full support for Built-In Render Pipeline.

- Full support for Universal Render Pipeline.

- Unlit and UI for High Definition Render Pipeline.

8 Uber Shaders

- Default

- Additive

- Multiply

- 2D Lit URP

- UI Default

- UI Additive

- 3D Lit

- 3D Lit URP

Each contains the same 50 effects and you can easily switch between them.

Only enabled effects and features use gpu performance.


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- Unity 2019.4 (or higher)