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Inspired by the Mark IV tank, this monster machine was born. The Kaiser Mark I is a heavy-armed rolling fortress with 360° self-defense systems. With two Anti-Tank Cannons and five MG's, you will be a true Kaiser at the battlefield.

+ Each weapon is 180° or 360° rotateable X Y Z prepared for "look at"
+ 360° anti-air defense turret top back-mounted
+ Two massive rotateable anti-tank cannons left and right installed
+ MG's left, right, top, back useable 180° - 360°
+ Animated chain movement ready for script
+ Animated guns - Fire only, rest by "look at"
+ Hatch open/close possible, fake interior included
+ PBR Shader and Textures
+ 8k texture source, exported to 4k texture maps (*shots made in 4k)
+ Customize your texture skin with the included Substance Painter source file
+ Perfect match for first- and third-person cam
+ Whole tank has 133k triangles

The FBX file contains predefined keyframe ranges for each animation clip

0 - 200 Chain movement loop

230 - 240 MG fire loop F
245 - 255 MG fire loop R
265 - 275 MG fire loop L
285 - 295 Turret MG fire loop top back

305 - 320 Cannon fire R
325 - 340 Cannon fire L