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Reflective Projection

The only system on the asset store that provides the ability to make reflected paths that bounce of (certain) surfaces, just like a laser. *New added feature: Object Ricochet. you can now make a game object follow the path of the projection simulating a ricochet effect*

This system uses an advanced recursive algorithm which utilizes the line renderer component as well as ray casting to perfectly simulate beautiful reflective projections that reflect off of surfaces and layers.

The script allows you to:
- set maximum amount of allowed reflections.
- maximum distance of traveling projections.
- create and set your custom "reflective" layer.
- assign your custom material/shader to make the projections suit your style.
- make game objects "detect" when the projection hits it.
- and more..

A custom light-weight, smooth and performant lerping engine has been written for the object ricochet feature for a smooth and accurate effect. This also means the ricochet is not physics-based but rather simulated via lerping transforms.

This package comes with a prefab with it's default material and textures as well as a PDF guide for setup as well as 3 demos.

Best of wishes to you and your game.