Reflective Projection

A tool that provides the ability to make reflected paths that bounce of (certain) surfaces, just like a reflected laser. With a new added feature: Object Ricochet. you can now make a game object follow the path of the projection simulating a ricochet effect.

This tool uses an algorithm that utilizes the line-renderer component to perfectly simulate reflective projections that reflect off of surfaces and layers.

The script allows you to:
- set maximum amount of allowed reflections.
- maximum distance of traveling projections.
- create and set your custom "reflective" layer.
- assign your custom material/shader to make the projections suit your style.
- make game objects "detect" when the projection hits it.
- and more..

A custom light-weight, smooth and performant lerping engine has been written for the object ricochet feature for a smooth and accurate effect. This also means the ricochet is not physics-based but rather simulated via lerping transforms.

This package comes with a prefab with it's default material and textures as well as a PDF guide for setup as well as 3 demos.

Best of wishes to you and your game.