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Trace a Curve!

Try the WebGL Demo!

«Trace a Curve!» - is an asset for Unity that allows you to trace and fill objects using trace path from lines and curves!
To use asset you need to add a prefab and configure a few parameters!
Unity 2017-2019 supported.

You can use asset to create your own shapes or different characters for the tracing using lines and curves. It includes a set of built-in Editor used to manage and create your own shapes easily.


?? Easy to use
Just add a prefab, create a tracing path and there you go!
?? User friendly editor
Create figures in a few clicks using a powerful editor tool for making tracing path
?? High performance, perfectly works on mobile
Asset uses GPU for painting, which provides high performance
?? Highly optimized
Asset uses R8 textures, which consumes 4-times less memory than ARGB32 and gives you best performance
?? Works with MeshRenderer, SpriteRenderer and UI Image!
?? Built-in Drag & Drop mechanism for tracing
?? Supports any tween engine
You can use DOTween or any other tween engine for trace paths!
?? Supports brushes
?? Smooth tracing and filling
?? Supports multi-touch
?? Detect tracing progress
?? UWP ready
Asset works with unity universal render pipeline from the box
?? Long Term Support
Be sure that you'll get support for new unity versions and features
?? Full C# source code and example scene included