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41 HDRI Skyboxes, Full Dynamic Range (HDRI 8K, HDRI 4K and LDRI 8K)

Seventh Heaven's plan is to keep on updating this package and make it the largest and the best value for money skybox package in the Unity Asset Store. Version 1 of this package had 34 skies and this version has 41 skies.

This is very high quality skybox package for pros and beginners (only sky type boxes!).

Because of the high quality and full dynamic range, this package is very heavy to import. That's why you should first import only LDRI skyboxes and find the ones you want to import later in HDRI format for your current project. Otherwise be prepared to wait for more than one hour for the package to be imported. This long import time is mostly due to 8K and 4K HDRI cubemaps.

Later I might change the import resolution of the cubemaps to be 2048 x 1024 just to speed up the importing time.

Package is also compatible with older Unity versions. It has been tested with Unity 5.2.3f1 and Unity 2017.4.34f1.

Includes 41 high quality HDRI skyboxes with 8K (8192x4096) and 4K (4096x2048) resolutions.

All the HDRI skyboxes with 8K (8192x4096) resolution are also converted to 8K/8bit LDRI/png-format by using highlight compression.

All the skybox textures (HDRI 8K, HDRI 4K and LDRI 8K) are predefined as cubemaps and all the cubemaps are assigned to their own skybox/cubemap materials.

This means that all the skyboxes can be used by dragging and dropping the skybox prefab into the scene.

You can easily modify all skyboxes by adjusting "Exposure" and "Tint Colour" in the Inspector when the skybox prefab is selected and dragged into the scene.

All these skyboxes have very nice basic settings which makes it fast and easy to compare them in your own Unity project.

Package includes one demo scene and all times of day skyboxes from morning to evening and also few night time skyboxes.

Original HDR images (NOT only sky type HDRIs) of these professionally modified "only sky" versions can be found from https://hdrihaven.com and are CC0 (public domain).

Modifying and changing these HDR images to be usable Unity game engine skyboxes and selling these modified versions in Unity Asset Store has been agreed with the author of the HDRI Haven site as long as the link to their web site is provided in this Unity Asset Store product page (link above).

You decide if my work is worth the price.