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Extreme Gore Big Pack

High quality low poly 3d models of mutilated corpses and torn off body parts. Assets will perfectly fit into horror environment.
The corpses have two variations. One fresh died body and one decomposed.
In total there are:
6 fresh corpses
6 bloated corpses
15 torn off body parts such as legs, arms, feet, etc.
8 inner organs models
Each model above has three LODs:
Corpses models polycount decreased by 40%,70%,90%;
Torn off parts and inner organs polycount decreased by 20%,70%,90%;
4 variations of blood spills.
corpse 1 - 9150 tris
corpse 2 - 10537 tris
corpse 3 - 9308 tris
corpse 4 - 7236 tris
corpse 5 - 4476 tris
corpse 6 - 5834 tris
torn off body parts in total - 13206 tris
inner organs in total - 7954 tris
Each asset has 2k texture pack includes 5 texture images: Albedo/Transparency, AO, Metallic/Smoothness, Normal and SSS mask
Standard materials are used.