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Do you want to build your game for macOS, Linux and Windows and upload to your FTP server - all in a single click? Do you want to bake nav-meshes and lighting for all of your scenes without having to manually open them?

RockTomate can help you! It's an editor extension that lets you create automated jobs that can be executed via GUI, C# and Batch Mode!

Every action property can be resolved through formulas. Think of them like Excel formulas, but simpler. With formulas, you can get variable values, or even run small functions!

If you don't find what you're looking for, you can always create your own reusable actions and formula functions with a single C# script! The rest is handled by RockTomate.

Best of all, existing actions and functions are freely available on GitHub!

The UI is designed to handle large and complex jobs as well as clearly shows which automated action is being executed. It's not going to freeze entire engine, allowing you to cancel jobs at any time!

RockTomate can also be executed when Unity is running in a batch mode. Jobs can be configured to receive arguments too!

Automate your day-to-day tasks with Event Manager. It allows you to run RockTomate when certain events are triggered such as project being built.

Supported Assets
Bakery - GPU Lightmapper
Turbo Switch PRO
Turbo Backup PRO
Turbo Builder PRO

Features List
✓ 70+ Customizable Actions
✓ Configure Jobs to run with Event Manager
✓ Compact and Clean UI
✓ Comes with prebuilt Jobs
✓ Run through GUI or C# API
✓ Run from CLI - hook up to your CI server!
✓ Run jobs within jobs!
✓ Create reusable variables
✓ Control flow - loops, branches etc.
✓ Formulas
✓ Easily extendible
✓ Full C# source code
✓ Responsive support!

Useful Links
Bug Reporting
Steps Wiki
Macros Wiki
Variable Docs

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