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Log Cabin SALE

GM Spring Sale! 40% Off until April 6!
Original price: $29

A small, but atmospheric winter environment piece, featuring a cozy log cabin with its interior, fully furnished for Unity 2019.2 and up.

- Highly detailed cabin (each log and plank modeled)
- Fully assembled demo map
- Snowy and non-snowy materials are both available for the cabin
- 80 high quality props that can be reused in any other setting
- Great choice for story telling games
- Tested and developed with VR (PC)

Please be sure to use in linear color space, have post-processing imported from package manager, and the render camera and post-process volumes are on the same layer!

The HDRP version is experimental and isn't included in the pack, however, shaders and material setups are available on request!

Texture sizes: 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048 (most props), 4096x4096 (log cabin log walls and floor only)
Texture map count: 315
Total mesh count: 90
Prefab count:92
Number of materials: 89 (6 are particles)
Particles: 5
Shaders: 5 (flipbook anim, dualsided cloth, godrays, layered snow, tessellation)
Polygon count: few hundreds to thousands
Colliders: Primitives, 3 custom ones
Version support: Unity 2019.2.8f1 or newer! HDRP shaders (after auto-upgrading the pack in your project) are available on request!

Important notes: The skybox isn't included in the pack, you can grab one on HDRIHaven

The cabin is split to multiple parts for performance and lightmapping reasons, but is not modular!