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Select freely: Enhances the selection functionality in the SceneView. It allows you to do a free form selection instead of the default rectangle (works for 3d objects and ui).

Draw your selection with a brush
Use the mouse wheel to change the brush size. Hint: hold Ctrl or Shift to add/remove from your selection.

Works right in the SceneView
Just press 'S'. Keys can be changed in the settings.

Supports Unity 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, ... (LTS)
There is a legacy version for Unity 2017.4.0+ and Unity 2018 (email support after purchase if you need it).

Full source code included
You can see how it's done and make changes if needed.

!! Overthrow the rectangle selection tyranny NOW !!


Download the Asset and import it into your project.
You are done, no additional setup is needed.


Press and HOLD "S" while in SceneView to start a free from selection.
Press SPACE while holding S to change the selection mode.
You can change all keyboard shortcuts in the settings.

The SceneView needs to have focus in order for the keyboard shortcuts to work (aka "click into the SceneView once").

Additional Info

A new menu called "Free Form Selection" will be available under "Tools" in the main menu bar. Go check it out once the import is done.

The asset files will be copied into /Assets/Plugins/FreeFormSelection/Editor. The settings and manual files will be created in the same location.


If you find any errors then please use the support form, write to office[at]

Please be patient, replies may take a few days.
Please include your Asset Store Order Nr in your request.

Thank you.

Known Issues

* None at the moment. Please contact me if you find any.


Copyright KAMGAM e.U. - All rights reserved. The code can only be used under the standard Unity Asset Store End User License Agreement. A Copy of the EULA APPENDIX 1 is available at

I publish this plugin with full source code because as a developer I know how useful it is to have source code access. If you like it then please remind others to purchase the plugin. Don't just copy and paste it everywhere.
Thank you