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Cartoon LowPoly City - PolyVania Vampiric Town Pack

PolyVania is an environment kit for comic vampiric settings.
Read "URP_Info" file in the readme folder!

The pack is made by me with big attention to details, quality of unique concepts assets as well as optimization.

It contains many elements like windows, roofs, props and complete assembled buildings and roads thanks to which you’ll create huge diverse Vampiric Town area (+350 assets)

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Products features:
- All models are 288.396 tris (948 objects)
range of the tris for models is between 100-2500
(<1000 for props >1000 for buildings
- Attention to detail.
- Original architecture concept.
- Complete environment set.
- Game ready/optimized.
- 7 materials and 5 textures.
- All models use one single texture 1024x1024 px
- models for signs are based on two textures 2048x2048 px
- two textures type decal for walls 2048x2048 px
- 3 LODs for complex assets.
- One demo scene included.

Building Pieces
9xBalcon, 13xChimney, 25x ledge, 6xdoor, 10xexternal anex, 8xexternal window, 16xhouse, 18xassembled buildings, 5xkerbs, 22xwallbrick, 4x roof window, 4xwindow grill, 8xstreet cross lamp

Asset includes
- 34 assembled buildings.
- 50 base prefabs to create your own buildings
- 10 nature assets.
- 128 props prefabs.
- 26 modular roads elements.
- 24 shop prefabs.
- 26 signs.
- 6 peculiar models like cash dispenser, phone box, bus station and other
- 14 props for building cemetery
- 5 nature assets (grass, trees, rocks)

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