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SkinnedMesh Baker SALE

ON SALE -50%
(Ends Nov 1, Regular Price $10)

SkinnedMesh Snapshot is a handy little editor tool to bake regular mesh from a animated mesh. This tool can also record entire animations in the editor, saving multiple meshes in sequence.

Optimize simple animations with ease.

Super easy to use.
Simply select the animated skinned mesh, move to a frame in the animator, then click the Snap button. Or record the entire animation by entering how many meshes to snap, then click Record.

Easy to use Baked Mesh Animator scripts.
(Simple scripts, not a replacement for the animation system.)
Demo Scene from video with examples, to get started faster.

Can also bake regular meshes animated in the animation window.

Compatible with Unity 2017 up to new versions of Unity(2019+)
Support available for assistance if any problems should occur.