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Spryt Animator Pro

Simplified yet powerful Sprite Animation and Manipulation
Spryt Animator Pro allows you to breathe new life into single-frame sprites and add some extra appeal to multi-frame animations through simple image manipulation. In addition, Spryt Animator Pro provides a quick and easy way to manipulate image properties via script. It can even completely replace Mecanim to remove the need for multiple Animators and Animations cluttering up your project.

- Bring Static Images to Life: Create squishy Sprites and bouncy UI Images through integrated Sine Effects.
- UI Compatible: Works on both Sprite Renderer and UI Images.
- Simplified Syntax: Manipulate image properties at runtime without cumbersome Method calls or GetComponent calls (sprite.Alpha = 0.9f;)
- Replace or Complement Mecanim: No need for creating Animators and Animations for each animated asset, though you can still take advantage of Spryt animation effects while using Mecanim
- No Strings: Do away with unreliable String references when switching between animations
- Control Playback: Play, Pause, Reverse, PlayOneShot animation Methods
- Animation End Event: Trigger methods using the Animation End Event
- Sine Effects: Includes Sine utility class for use beyond Sprite manipulation
- Fully Documented: Scripts include “summary” tags for Intellisense in Visual Studio

Try the FREE Spryt Lite, also available on the Asset Store if all you need is a single-script replacement for Mecanim.

For more information about Spryt Animator Pro, please visit Bluish Green Productions for the following:
- PDF Documentation: Download the freely available documentation to see all the features Sprite Animator Pro has to offer
- See the FAQ: Included within the PDF documentation, but also available online
- Support: Use the Contact Form to file support requests, make general inquiries, or submit feedback.