AdKit - Mobile Monetization & Mediation

AdKit is a powerful plugin which supports most popular ad networks and helps developers to quickly integrate them into the projects.

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Learn More:
• Documentation - WEB or PDF
• YouTube Tutorials - Demo or Game

Android Templates (.apk):
Following templates has integrated Log Viewer. Make a circle gesture on the screen to open console log where you will find all AdKit plugin logs.

• Demo Scene - Interactive Ads or Real Ads
• Game Scene - Interactive Ads or Real Ads

• Ad Profiles - widely customizable ad profiles give massive diversity for your ads. More...

• Mediation - plugin synchronizes different ad networks to work as one effective ad platform. Create your own mediation between different ad networks and come up with the best advertising solution. More...

• Event Manager - provides event callbacks when different ad actions are completed. More...

• Interactive Ads - which display ads directly in Unity Editor. That means the developers will be able to test how their ads are working without building the project and launching it on the device. More...

• Network Updates - plugin provides regular updates for network SDKs which are tested and ensured that they will always perform as they should without breaking the project. More...

• Data - easy data transfer to other projects that will save time to setup ad profiles. More...

• Compliances - easy GDPR, COPPA, and CCPA compliance setup for each network.

• Intelligent Editor - plugin comes with intelligent editor manager to maximize your productivity.

• Themes - AdKit implements light and dark versions to provide the best experience for every user.

• Platforms - plugin is working on both Android and iOS devices.

• Documentation - AdKit provides comprehensive documentation which is presented on both WEB and PDF formats.

• YouTube tutorials - plugin comes with online YouTube tutorials in which you will learn all the functions that AdKit plugin provides and how to implement the ads into the real world game.

Why AdKit?
Because it helps developers to quickly integrate ads into their projects. It is a highly flexible tool that does all the work related to advertising, so that developers could focus on what really matters - Creating stunning projects! It does not matter if the project is new or existing one because AdKit is designed to adapt to every project.

In Depth:
• Ad Profiles - using AdKit developers can create individual ad profiles for different use cases and launch them into the project. Each ad profile has integrated useful functions including ad breaks, mediation, events, etc. More...

• SDK - using the plugin developers will be able to download, install and setup different network SDKs in one place. Developers will have an ability to choose between recommended and newest network SDKs. Intelligent editor will provide useful information on how to setup networks and notify if there is a new update for the network. More...

• Compliances - these days compliances are more important than ever. That is why AdKit has integrated compliances and provides support for required policies. Plugin will automatically setup most of the networks to become a GDPR, COPPA, or CCPA compliant. Also, AdKit will provide additional information on how to setup networks which requires manually align with policies. Intelligent Editor - the most important part of the plugin which has been designed to maximize developer productivity. Editor responds to every bit of changes and provides useful information or tips. No more searching answers in documentation, when all the information will be presented directly in the Unity Editor

• Interactive ads - are the most innovative part of AdKit plugin. This is an absolute best way to test project ads. The biggest problem in each ad network is that developers can see the actual results only on devices (apart Unity Ads). To do this, each time when developer would like to test and see how ads are working, they first must build the project and launch it on the device. In this way testing ads took a lot of time. That is why we created interactive ads, which display ads directly in Unity Editor. That means the developers will be able to test how their ads are working without building the project and launching it on the device. Interactive ads will be acting as normal ads with all the functions and events. In short, interactive ads provide a way to test project ads way much faster and easier. More...

• Mediation - in each ad profile developers will have a chance to swap between different mediation types. Developers can create their own ad network order in which the ads will be shown or select to display ad networks by percentage or randomly. More...

• Callbacks - one of the best features of the plugin which provides developers quick and easy way to setup callbacks for different ad events. Each ad format has different ad events for all possible cases. AdKit uses UnityEvents allowing user driven callback without the need of additional programming and script configuration. Therefore, setting up callbacks is as simple as adding new function for a button. More...

• Data - it is another innovative part of the plugin which allows developers to save project data with all ad profiles and settings. Developers then can reuse the same data in other projects saving a lot of time as it is no longer needed to setup new project ads from scratch. More...

• Light and Dark Mode - AdKit provides sleek new design which is supported by Unity Editor and all the UI will look and feel like it is a part of Unity. Plugin supports both light and dark themes and automatically detects Editor Theme to changes plugin theme accordingly.

• Networks - at the initial launch AdKit supports 5 popular ad networks - Unity Ads, AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, IronSource and AdColony. Developers will be able to select one out of two network SDK version - recommended or newest. Recommended version will be provided by AdKit which will make sure that all the functions will work as intended without crashing the project. Recommended versions will receive constant updates and AdKit intelligent editor will always inform developers when new network SDK update is available. While the newest version will be provided from original sources with all the original files. More...

• Platforms - AdKit plugin supports two most popular mobile platforms - Android and iOS. AdKit automatically adapts to the platform and makes necessary changes itself. No code change is needed to witch from one platform to another. Each platform has separate troubleshooting section in the documentation where most common errors are provided.

• Debugging - AdKit provides comprehensive debug mode which will make it easier for developers to work with a plugin. Using debug mode developers will be able to see every change that has been made by AdKit plugin.

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