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"Shapes" is a unique, inspiring and good mood soundtrack for sports, party, family and creative games. Also perfectly suitable for background and main menu music.

To customize the song to your game scene, the package also contains 12 single tracks. The single tracks are seamlessly looped and work without clips or pops.

You can, for example, leave the drums out or use just drums, adjust the volume levels for added variation or use a solo instrument.

The song in this pack offers much more flexibility than ordinary soundtracks. The ready-made mix are also included.

All tracks are tested in various situations like smartphones, tablets, headphones, pc and tv speakers, caraudio-systems and professional mixed to have a good sound in all of them.

[ Package contains ]
Full song:
- 00_Shapes_Soundtrack_128BPM.wav (3:07)

Single tracks / loops (0:15):
- 01_Shapes_Bassdrum.wav
- 02_Shapes_Bassline.wav
- 03_Shapes_Bass.wav
- 04_Shapes_HiHatClose.wav
- 05_Shapes_HiHatOpen.wav
- 06_Shapes_Snare.wav
- 07_Shapes_Ride.wav
- 08_Shapes_Pad.wav
- 09_Shapes_Piano.wav
- 10_Shapes_Pearl.wav
- 11_Shapes_Lead_1.wav
- 12_Shapes_Lead_2.wav

[ Format ]
- Stereo WAV files
- High quality 16 bit / 44.1 kHz
- Works on all platforms