The full Jurassic Pack edition containing all creatures.

41 Game ready playable creatures with controllers, scripts and prefab. All creatures come with a complete set of animations, 3 skin textures per model (2048x2048) + 16 eyes textures (128x128). 3 lod levels, with mobile friendly low poly version under 1500 poly (see videos for more mesh infos).

Artificial Intelligence, feet Inverse Kinematic and demo scene Included !

Herd behavior, pack hunt, search for food, water and avoid obstacles in complete autonomy. Full control of your creatures with the Path editor and the Target editor.
Target looking and look around system. Perfect foot placement on terrain with IK system for a more realistic look.
Built-In "Creatures Manager" Add / Remove / Manage creatures in game and a ready to use survival system, damage, health, hunger, thirst and fatigue bar. 

- Static/In-place animations only.

- The Demo scene are suited for the "Built In Render only" and not compatible with "URP/HDRP"

- Sound FX files are NOT included.

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