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Top-Down Starter Kit [SWVictoria]

The Top-Down Starter Kit project is a starter kit for creating locations of the stylized world. Here is the working scene of the Top-Down RPG game with one location, which will give you a quick start in developing your unique, colorful, stylized RPG or RTS game. In this game, the main character of Barbarian Girl Victoria moving around the location destroys Training Dummy. Here you will find many objects for filling locations (trees, plants, stones, ruins, water plants, wooden objects, various visual effects). The project implemented a system for moving the main character (Barbarian Girl Victoria) based on NavMesh, a combat system with 3 attack animations and the effect of causing damage to the target, and a counter for the remaining targets. FULL PDF DESCRIPTION

The project was developed on the basis of Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP), thus achieving high performance using high-quality graphics.

Project parameters:
- Lightweight Render Pipeline v.5.16.1
- DirectX 11
- Color Space – Linear
- Scripting Runtime Version - .NET 4.x Equivalent

What is Included:
1. Stylized character “Barbarian Girl “Victoria”” (10 unique animations)
2. Enemy character “Dummy Training” (5 unique animations)
3. Trees, plants, stones (40 prefabs)
4. Fence, bridges, boat, fires, firewood (more than 20 prefabs)
5. Ruins (more than 40 prefabs)
6. Terrain textures (8 sets – Basecolor, Normal map, Metallic, Roughness, Height, AO)
7. Shaders of water, animation of foliage and grass, imitation of snow on objects, ghostly character when blocking objects (11 unique shaders)
8. 2 unique cursors
9. 2 unique musical compositions specially written for this project
10. 13 SoundFX
11. 5 Visual FX (cursorFX, Defoliation1, Defoliation1, Light, Snow)
12. Demo scene.

All game models have textures type (Albedo, Normal, MetallicSmoothness, AO) and hi-res 2048

-FULL Barbarian Girl «Victoria» (Verts- 5794, Tris -8705)
- SWORD (Verts- 357, Tris -446)
-FULL Dummy_Training (Verts- 1948, Tris -2636)

For a more detailed description of the project and installation and configuration instructions read the PDF DESCRIPTION