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This is a WWII British Sten Submachine Gun also known as the “Plumber’s Nightmare” or “stench gun”. This weapon was as much loved as it was hated by the infantry that carried it. It was not a pretty weapon but it got the job done.

This is a must have weapon for any WWII game! Perfect for survival, zombie, battle royale and any other type of shooter.

This asset has a low poly count of around 12k tris without sacrificing quality. It is a beautiful asset and with such a low tri count, it is excellent for VR games.

All moving parts are fully articulated and model is real world scale

This asset comes with a 4096x4096 PBR textures.

It also comes with ammo, (both live and spent), also with 1024x1024 PBR textures.

Basic weapon animations are included, you can use mecanim animator states to transition between them. (Already comes with a very basic animator), animations included:

- default
- open bolt
- fire
- clipRelease button
- trigger down
- trigger up

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* Animations are NOT character animations, they are poses for the weapon only