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This package contains 6 rats characters. Common Rat, Common Fat Rat, Common Naked Rat, 2 Mutant Rats and Cub Rat! This Collection perfect choice for your horror, fantasy, realistic or post-apocalyptic project.

HI-RES Screens

Common Rat
Common Fat Rat
Naked Rat
Fanged Mutant Rat
Mutant Rat
Cub Rat

Number of Characters: 6
Number of Animations:
•Rats - 43
•Cub Rat - 9

•Common Rat - 14037 tris, 7099 vert
•Common Fat Rat - 14616 tris, 7414 vert
•Naked Rat - 17778 tris, 8973 vert
•Mutant Rat - 18394 tris, 10483 vert
•Fanged Mutant Rat - 17372 tris, 8750 vert
•Cub Rat - 7912 tris, 4465 vert

Textures: 8192x8192 Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion, Scattering, Emissive

All rats have different skins (see screens)