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Crime Scene Assets it's detailed + scripted prop pack. It is also unique "Сrime Scene" package at this time. No publisher has realeased a similar package (September, 2019)

HI-RES Screens

Crime Scene Assets toolbar will help you to get acquainted with the assets, as well as show the possibilities of scripts. When you purchase you will receive a bonus of scripts that make it easy to create objects of the police line, and also an easy way to create and propagate cartridge cases radius, amount, type or random order with the addition of collision and Rigidbody.

•Evidence Signs and Cones(67)
•Chalk Decals(132)
•Police Barrier(1)
•Cartridge Cases(34)
•Evidence Packages and Boxes(23)

Texture Sizes:

Number of Meshes: 235
Number of Prefabs: 251
Number of Materials: 174
Number of Textures: 244
Number of Scripts: 28