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Undead Character Voice

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Undead Character Voice, by Aural Space, is an Asset Package that contains everything you need to create a believable & scary Undead Monster Character. With over 250 individual audio files, this package features many sentences, vocal shouts and emotes to suit your every need.


The package can be subject to further updates, if you want to participate in adding more audio files to this package, please contact Aural Space and let us know what the voice actor should say, once he recovers his voice from having impersonated an undead character.


Folders Contained Within

Casual Sentences: 19 Casual Sentences to use in your game.

Emotes: From attack sounds, to laugh, to hurt noises and death sounds, this folder has 12 different emote sounds to choose from, each with a slightly different pronunciation, to never run out of interest.

Farewells: Say Goodbye to the player, but as an undead character, featuring 19 individual audio files to bid farewell in a spooky way.

Greetings: Say Hello to the player and scare them, as they listen to 14 scary ways to greet them.

Trade: 21 different ways to talk to a merchant, in case you have to sell your soul.

Vocal Shouts: The big baddie, with over 100 Vocal Shouts for any situation. Numbers, Yes and No, Attack, Defend and much more.

Wise Sentences: A collection of 14 Wise Sentences, to lighten up your eerie grave.


All Audio Files come at 44.1kHz, 16 Bit, WAV Format. Compatible with Unity and all other Game Engines.


Package Size: 107 MB.

Number of Different Vocal Shouts & Phrases: 110.

Number of Individual Audio Files: 266.


We hope you’ll find this package useful while making your game and we wish you the spookiest of days.

Aural Space Team


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