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PIDI : Advanced Skin Shader 2 - Lite Edition SALE

Personal sale ! 20% off the regular 25 USD price until April 2nd!

This asset is not a standalone material / shader solution. It requires a script (included with the asset) to work since all advanced features depend on it

This is the Lite Edition of PIDI Advanced Skin Shader 2. This version has a limited feature set and is intended for smaller or simpler projects.

For a full comparison between both editions as well as to access the online documentation, please go to our official wiki.

PIDI : Advanced Skin Shader 2 is the latest version of our skin rendering solution for Unity 2017 and above.

With unparalleled realism and advanced features such as real-time translucency, subsurface scattering, dynamic wrinkles through both region and GPU tension maps, support for LWRP and Universal RP as well as compatibility all kinds of devices from mobile to high-end desktop, PIDI :Advanced Skin Shader 2 is the asset you need to take your characters to a new level of realism

Features :

- Real-time Translucency
- Accurate PBR rendering with subsurface scattering
- Support for "decal-like" textures for tattoos and other FX
- Smart material "instances" for efficient use of resources.
- Tested in Unity 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2019.3
- Forward and Deferred shading supported
- Compatible with VR
- Mobile support add on (sold separately)
- SRP support add on (sold separately)

Official Product Wiki & Documentation.
Official Unity Forums Thread
Official Support Website

If you want a version of this tool with additional, advanced features targeted to bigger projects, please check PIDI : Advanced Skin Shader 2 - Standard Edition

Documentation and support are available in English only