PIDI : Advanced Skin Shader 2 - Standard Edition

IMPORTANT : A major new version of this asset is currently in the works, with improvements to usability, URP support and general workflow. The new product will replace this current one, with a different price. However, all purchases of this "Advanced Skin Shader 2 : Standard Edition" made after September 1st, 2023 will receive a free upgrade to the new asset (coming in Q1 2024). This new asset will NOT be backwards compatible, so you are advised to backup your work.


All advanced features of this shader require the use of the included script. A more basic version that does not require the script is also included

PIDI : Advanced Skin Shader 2 is the latest version of our skin rendering solution for Unity

With unparalleled realism and advanced features such as real-time translucency, subsurface scattering, dynamic wrinkles through both region and GPU tension maps, support for HDRP and Universal RP as well as compatibility all kinds of devices from mobile to high-end desktop, PIDI :Advanced Skin Shader 2 is the asset you need to take your characters to a new level of realism

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Important : In order to take advantage of the advanced features of this asset such as dynamic wrinkles it is necessary to create custom normalmaps and additional textures for your model, which may not always be possible if you use pre-generated or procedural characters from third party tools. Please contact us if you need additional information

For a full comparison between both editions please check our online documentation

Documentation and support are available in English only